12 June 2019

Rimini, July 12, 2019

The code of business crisis and insolvency: point of arrival or starting point?
9 June 2019

Modena, July 9, 2019

The new regulation of adequate organizational structures: professional opportunity for business development.
22 May 2019

Supreme Court, Sec. I, May 22, 2019, n. 13846

OMNIBUS SURETY CONTRACT – The Supreme Court, regarding the ascertainment about the existence of agreements that restrict the competition in surety contracts, has reaffirmed the nullity of the omnibus surety contracts redacted on the ABI scheme.
14 May 2019

Milan May 14, 2019

Shareholder agreements: regulation, organization, and preparation of clauses (program).
8 May 2019

Supreme Court, Sec. I, May 8, 2019, n. 15724

BANKRUPTCY – The Supreme Court has established the permanence of the pre-deductibility of receivables in presence of multiple insolvency procedures.
3 May 2019

Law May 3, 2019, n. 37

Provisions for the fulfillment of the obligations deriving from Italy’s membership to the European Union – 2018 European Law
18 April 2019

Constitutional Court, April 18, 2019, n. 97

MANDATORY MEDIATION – The Constitutional Court has established the constitutional legitimacy of the attempt at mandatory mediation, introduced by the legislative decree n. 69 of 2013.
18 April 2019

Law Decree April 18, 2019, n. 32

Urgent provisions for the re-launch of the public contracts sector, for the acceleration of infrastructural interventions, of urban regeneration and reconstruction after seismic events.
12 April 2019

Law April 12, 2019, n. 31

Provisions regarding the class action.